FREE Sage Accounting Package for Every Active Taxfile Customer!*

Free Sage accounting and bookkeeping software package for all Taxtile customersCalling all South London small businesses – claim your FREE* Sage accounts & bookkeeping package from Dulwich accountants Taxfile.

When you’re an active client of Taxfile, whether new or existing, we can supply you with your own Sage accounting package, free of charge*, and we’ll even help set it up for you! There are various packages to choose from and we’re happy to advise which is best for you and your small business. They’re great for anything from simple bookkeeping to full accounts handling, allowing easy record-keeping, bank reconciliation, the handling of VAT (including VAT returns), RTI submissions, automatic tax and National Insurance calculations and filing, and even Auto Enrolment communications for your employees. There is also a low-cost Payroll bolt-on option for those who would like to control their own payroll.

Sage cloud-based accounting and bookkeeping software packages

The Sage Software Packages:

  • Our free* ‘Sage One Cashbook’ package is great for bookkeeping and cash flow management — perfect for sole traders and cash-based businesses. It’s cloud-based so all you need is an internet connection and you can access your records from anywhere;
  • Our free* ‘Sage One Accounting’ package is better suited for small businesses, including start-ups, and includes the ability to manage finances, create quotations and invoices (including via a phone/tablet app), prepare VAT returns and even automatically stream your bank statement information straight into the package via an automatic ‘feed’ making it great for bank reconciliation and helping to make sure you account for all your business expenses. The integral bank feed even learns how to recognise regular transactions so the software is able to account for them in the best way;
  • Our ‘Sage One Payroll’ package is a low-cost bolt-on for the above, suitable for businesses who want to handle their own payroll (fully, or assisted by Taxfile) and who have 15 employees or less. It helps small businesses sort out payroll including payslips and tax calculations as well as helping them to stay within the law, keep up to date on financial regulations and even handle RTI submissions and employees’ Workplace Pension Auto-Enrolment communications. Nearly all small businesses with employees must implement such communications to inform employees of their rights in respect to Workplace Pension contributions, so such automation is a great feature and an immense time-saver.

All the software packages are secure, cloud-based so can be accessed from anywhere that has an internet connection, and have direct links to HMRC for easy filing, where appropriate, for things like tax returns, VAT returns, National Insurance and RTI etc. Calculation of what’s due to HMRC can be automated with the software and then paid and filed from the package. Such links and automation will become more and more useful and important into the future as HMRC’s proposed changes gradually come into effect — in a few years time HMRC will be expecting people to calculate, file and pay self assessment taxes more regularly than is currently required (you can read more about some of the proposed changes in our recent post).

The free* offer is available to all active Taxfile customers (whether current or new).

Taxfile customers can work with the packages as much or as little as they like because Taxfile, with the customer’s permission, will be able to access the customer’s Sage account and complete those parts the customer is not inclined or able to do themselves. For example VAT returns, payroll, tax returns and so on. So it’s collaborative at any level. Users can get 24/7 support from Sage, including ‘how to’ videos and so on, plus another level of support from Taxfile who can step in when taxes need sorting out, returns need to be filed and company accounts need to be finalised etc.

Keep an eye out for future posts which will show helpful and informative Sage videos as well as other useful information. In the mean time more detail about the many wonderful features and benefits of the Sage One products is available in our blog post over at the Taxfile Blog; please click the following link

Taxfile offer low cost tax and accounting solutions. We’re a very friendly, multi-lingual team and are probably the best South London tax accountants you’re likely to encounter. Call us on 0208 761 8000 or contact us here and we’d be delighted to discuss your requirements and the best Sage package for you.


* A few simple terms and conditions apply –  e.g. to avoid abuse, the free software offer only applies to active Taxfile customers who are paying Taxfile for accountancy-related services. The ‘Sage One Payroll’ module is a paid-for optional extra. Please ask for more details and the full T’s & C’s and we’ll be happy to talk you through the various excellent options.