Tax returns

Taxfile can help you complete your tax return. But how do you know when you have to complete a return? You may need to be issued a return. Below are some possible reasons for having to complete one:

Untaxed income not being collected through any PAYE tax codes

Land and Property income (any rental income in the UK above £2500 annually)

Company Directors

Anyone working for themselves as self employed


Foreign Income that is taxable

Anything that has not been taxed at source which may require you to have to complete a return

Feel free to contact us for any help and assistance you may require!

How long do I have?

The HMRC are strict about when they require your return to be filed by. A 2020/2021 return will be due by 31st January 2022 if it is filed online, but if you send a paper copy you will only have until 31st October 2021.

If you are worried about not meeting the deadline, Taxfile submits all of its clients’ returns online which gives both you and us the maximum amount of time to get your return ready.

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