P.A.Y.E. & Payroll

Take advantage of the P.A.Y.E. & Payroll services that we offer. If you employ 1 or more employees, for example from a limited company, we can offer Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly services that will give you peace of mind from knowing that all of your obligations with the HMRC are being fulfilled.


With our weekly service we provide weekly payslips directly to you using email. With the Weekly Service you can contact us at a moment’s notice and if you require any changes to your payslips for a specific week because of days off, sick days, overtime or any other reason we can cater to your request. As with all our services at the end of the month or quarter we tell you the amount which you owe to the Inland Revenue and we also complete your annual return in April.


If you would prefer your employees to have monthly payslips then the Monthly Service could be for you. It includes payslips for your employees which we send to you by post. Then, as with all our services, we will inform you of what you owe to the Inland Revenue and complete your annual return in April.


If you are not too concerned about having regular payslips but would like to make sure your obligations with the HMRC are met, then with the Quarterly Service we will inform you of the amount that you owe to the Inland Revenue. We will also send you the latest payslip at the end of the quarter for your employee to have. Also included in this service is the annual return.

Payroll Services

Included in all these services we will fill in any relevant forms regarding your employees such as P45 “employee leaving work” P46 “employee without a form p45” P60 “certificate of pay” and more.

If you have any questions or queries please feel free to contact one of our South London tax advisers.


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