Our accountancy fees

Fees at Taxfile are very competitive compared to those of most, if not all, other accounting firms. As a general idea of costs, end-of-year accounts preparation and tax analysis by Taxfile. would normally anywhere between £798 and £2,650 (excl. VAT) for SMEs, depending on things like turnover, number of transactions in the year, how well records are recorded and presented to us, P.A.Y.E., tax and VAT.

Keeping costs to a minimum

To keep costs to a minimum, we encourage customers to present their records to us in the best possible way so as to keep our time requirements to the lowest possible level when working on their behalf. We actively empower customers in this respect as sometimes small changes to record-keeping can really save us time and therefore save our customers money. As part of this customer empowerment approach, we invite small business customers to download and use our own Excel spreadsheet template, which is free for them to use, and may even save them money. The free spreadsheet file can be downloaded here. We will also let customers know if and when there is anything else they can do in order to help us to minimise costs on their behalf.

Free estimates

New customers will welcome the fact that we will normally provide a full cost estimate before commencing any work. This will be based on the information provided at the time by the prospective customer and we will only commence work once the estimate has been approved.

However, it would be remiss of us not to mention that, just occasionally, tax situations can become more complex than even we as accountants might originally have envisaged – for instance if we were not made aware of the customer’s full financial position or tax/earnings history at the time of estimate, or if the records subsequently provided by the customer were supplied in a less-than-ideal or haphazard way. Such things can require significant time to sort out and therefore would incur additional charges. However, Taxfile will always confirm such charges before commencing any additional work.

Free Excel Spreadsheet (bookkeeping template)

If customers do not already have an accounting package for their bookkeeping, we again encourage them to use our own simple Excel spreadsheet, available free or charge here. This will help them to supply their financial records to us in an appropriate, cost-effective manner.

Contact us

If you would like Taxfile to provide an estimate for your bookkeeping, accounting or tax-related work, or if you would simply like to talk to us, please call 020 8761 8000, email us on enquiries@filetax.co.uk or book a free, no-obligation 20 minute introductory appointment here.

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