VAT assistance

VAT help from South London’s premier accountants and tax advisors, Taxfile.

Value Added Tax (VAT) services from Taxfile. include initial VAT Registration, advising and selecting of the most beneficial V.A.T. scheme(s) for your business, helping with VAT returns, filing returns online (or by post while that option is still available) and assistance with refunds, rebates and, if required, liaising with HMRC in the event of a query or on-site inspection (most new businesses will receive at least one visit from HMRC within the first 5 years of operation).

Taxfile has a very good working relationship with HMRC for all tax matters and keep up-to-date on all current V.A.T. and tax matters. Some areas of this tax can be quite complex, particularly when dealing with import and export of products and services in and/or outside the European Union (EU). Taxfile’s clients benefit from having this knowledge on tap, over the phone, by email or in a more hands-on basis.

Of course, Taxfile can also help with the bookkeeping element of the work required to enable timely submission of VAT returns.

For more information, please contact us on 020 8761 8000 (the VAT team are on extensions 304, 307 and 446) or email us using the contact form here.

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