Save Money — Beat the December Price Increase!

Save money on your accounting - act fast!If you are the director of a Limited company, in a partnership or are self-employed, your personal tax return is due on 31 January 2015. You are strongly advised to supply your records, bank statements, receipts etc. to our Dulwich office in South London as soon as possible, please, so that you are not caught in a last-minute rush — Taxfile has several hundred tax returns to complete, so the earlier the better. Some limited company ‘year end’ accounts will also fall due on 31 December 2014 or 31 January 2015. For those businesses, it’s exactly the same message — time is of the essence.

As an added incentive, if you get your accounting records to Taxfile before 1st December, you will beat the December price rise. Taxfile has held its prices for several years now and occasionally we have to catch up with inflation and the ever-increasing costs of operating a business in London. The price increase represents only a 1% annual increase since the last update but you still have time to avoid it if you act reasonably fast and, as outlined above, this will also avoid bottlenecks as we rapidly approach the busiest time in the tax year*.

Call 0208 761 8000 or use the links at the foot of this email to contact us or book an appointment on-line.

Taxfile would like to thank its customers for their loyalty and custom throughout the years, and for their understanding when occasionally we have to make price increases.

(For tax returns, figures and records are required for the year ending 5 April 2014).


* Early Bird Reduction

If you miss the December 1st deadline, don’t worry because we’re offering a 5% ‘Early Bird’ reduction on prevailing Taxfile prices if you submit all your records to us before the end of December. (Don’t forget to bring in all your receipts and records please).