What would you do if you had committed tax fraud?

What would you do if you had avoided/evaded paying tax, perhaps for a significant time, simply by not declaring certain taxable income or, worse still, had committed actual tax fraud … and then heard about the big crackdown by Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (“HMRC”)?
Would you …

  1. continue to hide the problem, hope for the best and bury your head in the sand?
  2. take professional advice?
  3. come clean and contact HMRC with a full disclosure?

If you’re leaning towards option (1), burying your head in the sand and hoping for the best, now perhaps bear in mind that HMRC have new high-tech tools at their disposal and a growing team of investigative staff who will dig, and dig, and dig, relentlessly by all accounts. Last year alone they raked in more money than ever before after scrutinising individuals, organisations and companies. £21 BILLION  in fact.

Is your answer still the same now you know that?

We certainly don’t recommend option (1)! At Filetax we know the tax system like the back of our hands and deal with HMRC on clients’ behalves every single working day. We can take you through the process of clearing up a bad tax situation and can even show you how to enter into a contract with HMRC which will guarantee that they won’t prosecute you under criminal law – after all you don’t want a criminal record! You’ll still have to pay the outstanding tax, of course, but we can help to make sure it’s the right amount, precisely, and stand by your side during any tax enquiry.

More information is available by copying the following links:
http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/undeclaredincome/index.htm and

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